Just the other week I asked a couple of wine-loving friends (one wine industry, one not) how familiar they were with the LCBO’s Destination Collection.

“Nope, never heard of it” stated one, “Not at all” said the second.

And then only today, I mentioned the term Destination Collection to a restaurant industry veteran, a fellow with a serious background in wines. Did he know what it was?

“No idea. What is it? Is it, like, winery tours or something?”

And these are three rather well-informed consumers who all spend a fair bit of their disposable income (and in the case of the third, his restaurant’s) on wine, so surely they would be the target demographic?

Through my inquiries over the past few months, it would appear that very few know that this LCBO program even exists; since its inception I’ve always felt that the LCBO’s Destination Collection program deserves to be better known amongst those Ontarians who enjoy wine.

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