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The People’s Food Policy Project (PFPP) announces a national week of Kitchen Table Talks, October 7 to 17, inviting Canadians to dig in and discuss what could be the most important public policy development since Medicare.

Peopleʼs Food Champion’s Needed ~ Host a Kitchen Table Talk!

We should all have a say in food policy. To make sure that the Peopleʼs Food Policy truly reflects a diversity of opinions, we need citizens like you to contribute your ideas, values, time and efforts.

It’s as simple as gathering together with friends, family and/or community members, digging into our recommendations and discussing how you would like to see our food system improved. Then, visit the PFPP website to tell us what you think.  This is a chance to participate in developing policy that will shape the future of food in Canada and ensure it is truly sustainable and just.

The PFPP is a pan-Canadian network of citizens and organizations that is creating Canada’s first food sovereignty policy. Our network includes eaters, farmers, community and health workers, academics, cooks, small business owners and others engaged in the food system. During a year of extensive consultation, volunteers heard from more than 1,000 Canadians to develop our proposals and now we would like to hear what you think!

Citizens Should Have a Say in Their Food System

The Liberal Party, the NDP and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture are all calling for a national food strategy for Canada.  We are working to ensure that citizens have a voice in how this food strategy takes shape, and we need your help to do it.

Our website contains a number of tools to help get you going, including:

  • Participation Guide that gives you three options for how to hold your Kitchen Table Talk,
  • list of Animators across the country who are available to support you if you need it,
  • 10 discussion papers that outline our policy proposals will be posted as they become available throughout the summer,
  • calendar of events where you can find out about Kitchen Table Talks in your region, or let others know about yours.
For more information visit our website at or write us at