Malcolm Jolley attends the launch party for the twelfth annual What’s On The Table.


Board Member and all around advocate for The Stop CFC Joshna Maharaj is ready for What’s On The Table 2016.

The Loft is the name of the common area and event space at Stonegate Private Consel, an investment firm with a strong tradition of working with The Stop Community Food Centre. The Stop is getting ready for the twelfth ever What’s On The Table (WOTT) event on November 2nd at the Daniels Spectrum. The chair of the event is a gentleman by the name of Koel B. Loyer, who is a principal at Stonegate, which means the firm plays host to the launch party at The Loft. Like WOTT, it’s a really good party, The Loft takes up the better part of a high story of one of the new blue glass office towers near the Air Canada Centre. The views are spectacular, wrapping around the building in all directions and seen from a large terrace. The food and wine, again echoing WOTT, are always spectacular too: this year it was Provisions catering, sending out bite sized morsels of modern, locally sourced, food.

The Stop’s executive director, Rachel Gray, explained at the WOTT launch that Stonegate’s sponsorship went beyond putting on good parties: through Loyer’s efforts the firm regularly volunteers at the Community Food Centre itself. These high flying masters of the financial universe could also be found chopping carrots and onions in the community kitchen on Davenport or helping out in the Green Barn at Wychwood. Stonegate president Jamie Ross actually thanked Gray and the Stop team for the opportunity to be involved in The Stop and their big fundraiser. Of course it makes sense that a firm whose business it is to find and invest in best of breed organizations would do the same in the case of The Stop, which has pioneered the use of food to bring dignity and purpose to those in need and whose is budget is roughly 80% met by private donations. 

More information on What’s On The Table, including all the chefs, wineries and other purveyors of delicious things can be found here. It’s a great party, full of great people celebrating a great organization.