By The Grange of Prince Edward Wines, a certified “Good Food Fighter

The Grange of Prince Edward Wines

2007 marked the first vintage of our Grange of Prince Edward wines. These first three, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc, were released at our 5 year anniversary to exceptional acclaim. But what are the GPE wines and how are they made? If all of our wines are 100% estate, then how are they different?

First of all, Grange wines are only made in vintages where we feel the crop is exceptional. We pride ourselves on having healthy, well-maintained vineyards and therefore successful crops each year, but this wines  need to go one step further. We want to only produce them in those years where the conditions are such that we get a crop that really stand out from the rest, and really reflect the terroir of the farm. From there we hand sort the bunches, keeping only the perfectly ripe for this line.

In the winery, we use the best wine making equipment, take the most time and care, and use the best barrels to produce the wines. Finally, through the aging process the wines are critiqued again, and each barrel is assessed for quality. Only the best of the barrels will be selected in the end to represent the Grange line. The Grange of Prince Edward wines are not made in every vintage; rather they are a special sample of the best that our winery can do.

Trumpour’s Mill Wines

But don’t get the wrong idea; our Trumpour’s Mill wines are still near and dear to our heart. That’s why we just couldn’t stop making them even when we started The Grange line. We love having affordable, everyday easy-drinking wines; and the Trumpour’s Mill line is just that. Our hope is that in the next few years we find a style for each wine that will remain fairly constant. So that our customers will know what they can expect and look forward to when they buy the wines without having to come to the winery. We want people to be able to grab a bottle at their local LCBO and easily plan a simple pairing with an easy weeknight dinner for example. We want Trumpour’s Mill to be wine for the people, wines for modern life, wines for everyday!