By Jamie Drummond

Possibly one of the scariest labels ever?

Every so often we taste a wine that we simply fall in love with, one that appeals to our often peculiar sensibilities, making us smile in a very particular manner. Conceito’s Bastardo is without a doubt one of those wines… and we just discovered that this leftfield wine is also beloved of another Jamie.

The Bastardo grape is an interesting little fellow. Many years ago it was widely planted in Portugal, particularly in the Douro, where it assisted in the assemblage that makes up Port. Bastardo is also widely planted in the Jura region of France, where it goes under the Trosseau moniker… something that we just discovered a couple of weeks back!

Conceito’s Bastardo is the antithesis of so many of the food UNfriendly wines that we so often see clogging up restaurant lists. It is an extremely pale wine, looking more akin to a rosé than a red. The aromatics are alluring to say the least… bright, lifted red fruit couples with a lovely spiciness… and just a little hint of tea. The palate is a delight: pleasurably acidic, a lighter wine style for sure, but with some exquisite complexities.

This little Bastardo is imported by Profile Wine Group, another “Certified Good Food Fighter“.

The wine will, for the time being, be sold exclusively at Toronto’s Malena and Campagnolo restaurants.