2011 Alain Corcia Pommard, Bourgogne, France (Alcohol 13%) LCBO Vintages $69.75 (750ml bottle)

Although the Côte de Beaune-located village of Pommard is pretty well known, I bring your attention to it here because many of the Pommards of today are a million miles away from those that I first tasted back in my early days as a Sommelier. For me, the modern Pommards of the last decade or so can be rich and quite generous, but also contain subtle delicacies that many wouldn’t think of when speaking of this appellation.

This example from Alain Corcia has a little bit of age on it, and this brings so many olfactory rewards for the curious. It’s a quite deep, dark, and intense pour, but on the nose shows to be so much more than a Pinot-fuelled powerhouse. Granted, there is loads of ripe, black fruit (read: blackberries, black raspberries, dark plums) but there is also some complexities of pomegranate, black licorice, perfumed cassis, wood spice, and just a hint of something feral and furry lurking in the bushes. You can tell that some real tertiary aromatics are just around the corner for those with the patience to cellar for another couple of years.The palate really fills the mouth with dense and firm tannins, but there’s a sly twist of acid that keeps everything in check.

(Four and a half apples out of a possible five)

P.S. I’ve just been informed that this wine has recently sold out… but keep your eyes peeled as I believe there is still some out there.

Jamie Drummond

Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And he wishes he could afford to drink that every evening.