At Buyers+Cellars, we love discovering ‘off the beaten path’ wines, wineries and regions.  And we love sharing our discoveries with fellow wine enthusiasts in Ontario. Our #UncorkedPotential Pack showcases traditional wines from Croatia and Slovenia and natural wines from Italy.  Join us on a tour down ‘the road less traveled’ and explore new wine histories, new grape varieties and new wine flavours.  
And join us on a Virtual Trip to Slovenia!

Included with this esoteric offering is a rare opportunity to (virtually) meet acclaimed winemaker Andrej Erzetič of Vina Erzertič, who will ZOOM you through the fascinating world of Slovenian wines.

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*2 of each bottle are included in this mixed case

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Erzetič Rebula 2018

This autochthonous grape variety – also known Ribolla Gialla in Friuli, Italy – is highly regarded in the region and is known for its aromatic nose and refreshing acidity. This medium-bodied offering has both: enough fruit to stand up to some spice, enough freshness to cleanse the palate. Try with grilled halibut in a lemon beurre blanc, with soft tangy chèvre or alongside a spring salad.

Social Distancing Pairing: your backyard or balcony, any time of day!


Erzetič Pokalca 2016

Also known as Rebula Nera in the region, or Schioppetino in Italy, this is another grape variety indigenous to Brda in Western Slovenia. There is ample weight and good tannic structure, but the wine remains fresh with a good core of acidity. This wine screams for grilled red meat, particularly some fattier cuts of beef like Rib Steak, or serve with aged cheddar.

Social Distancing Pairing: Steak. Panfry it, grill it, doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or not, just make sure it’s juicy.


Feravino Graševina Dika 2018

Off-dry and lively, this aperitif-styled charmer from Croatia is extremely versatile with food. The acidity is fairly evident, but there is enough fruit to balance. This would not stand up to heavily spiced dishes, the fruit is a little too delicate, but would work nicely with baked ham, grilled haloumi or lemon-pepper chicken breast.

Social Distancing Pairing: Chicken Salad sandwiches on whole wheat.


Feravino Frankovka Dika 2017

Known as Blaunfrankisch in Austria, or Lemberger in other places, this varietal is known for its spicy character and light to medium body. This example leans more towards the lighter style, rewarding a light chill before serving. It offers ripe red fruit, a dash of spicebox and black pepper, and vibrant acidity supported by supple tannins for added structure. Try this with smoked sausage, or paprika-scented stews.

Social Distancing Pairing: Frozen Tourtière


Salcheto Obvius Bianco 2018

A “natural wine”, unfined and unfiltered, utilizing indigenous yeasts and spontaneous fermentation. A blend of Trebbiano and Vermentino, this a very clean natural wine; the cool, funky characters mingle beautifully with the primary fruit flavours and an aromatic lift provided by the Vermentino. Natural wines can carry a decent level of umami and this wine is no exception; it can stand up to some foods that other wines of a similar body would be overpowered by, including sushi. This would be wonderful with Chawanmushi, a Japanese egg custard dish. A nicely aged Parmesan Reggiano would also complement.

Social Distancing Pairing: Chicken Noodle Soup


Salcheto Obvius Rosso 2017

Another natural wine, this time a pure expression of Sangiovese from some of the finest vineyards in Montepulciano, Tuscany. Left to develop “wild and free”, unfined and unfiltered, this medium-bodied red has tons of complexity. There are some early developing, funky tertiary notes that would pair nicely with a roast beef dinner. You can cast further afield and take some chances with wild boar or grilled portobellos.

Social Distancing Pairing: Beefaroni