Cooperativa Agricola La Collina Biodinamica is a Demeter certified farm and winery located in Emilia Reggio, producing some pretty fantastic expressions of biodynamic Lambrusco as well olive oil and other farmed products.

In the late 1960s-early 1970s, after extensive voluntary work experience gained in grassroots communities in Latin America, Reggio Emilia and other areas, a group of young people from Reggio Emilia decided to create an extended family system led by Don Renzo Braglia.

The group became a Cooperative in 1975 and set up a business with the very laudable goals of combining joint efforts and assisting the socially disadvantaged.



For many years, the members of the Cooperativa Agricola La Collina have been addressing the issue of Harmony and Peace: societally, of course but also with the land and its fruits, which became part of the process that led them to embrace organic techniques, prompting them, more than 20 years ago, to further adopt the anthroposophical approach of biodynamic agriculture. This approach not only eliminates chemicals from the land and from food, but also promotes harmony among living beings, which is inevitably reflected in the products that we all eat.

For a change of pace and perhaps more suited to our colder climes, here are 3 of their Lambruscos to warm your hearts and souls for Valentine’s Day and February in general. Lambruscos have become wildly popular as an aperitif, a traditional sparkling wine alternative, a most suitable wine with spicy foods or as a cheese/dessert accompaniment. Each one of these has its own style and purpose in life:

Coop.  Ag. La Collina FERMENTUM  Lambrusco dell’Emilia IGT  Biodynamic   l    LCBO# 792473    l   $22.20

A dry red wine re-fermented in the bottle, producing a very light fizz. Fermentum can accompany any main course and fine Italian cheeses with panache. Serve somewhat chilled.

Coop. Ag. La Collina QUARESIMO  Lambrusco dell’Emilia IGT  Biodynamic   l  LCBO# 303791   l   $22.35

An off-dry, frizzante – ideal for aperitifs, spicy foods, mature cheeses and desserts, best served chilled

Coop. Ag. La Collina ROSA LUNA  Lambrusco dell’Emilia IGT  Biodynamic  l LCBO# 303783   l   $22.35

A lighter coloured, off-dry rose style frizzante, so good on its own or as aperitif ,with lighter dishes, soft cheeses  and fruit based desserts. Serve well chilled.

All three of these most tasty wines are available at the LCBO online and at the Italy Destination Store in Woodbridge. Do good for the planet, for yourself, your loved ones and pop those celebratory corks!


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