Malcolm Jolley talks to Michael Stock about consumers making wine in the Algarve…

Quinta Dos Vales founder Karl Heinz Stock and his son Michael want to make you into a winemaker.

A couple of years ago, on a press trip to Northern Portugal, I stayed in a hotel owned by a winery that offered a ‘wine experience’ whereby they would let you blend you own bottle of wine from tank samples. It was fun, but Karl Heinz Stock and his son Michael at Quinta dos Vales, in Portugal’s Algarve, are taking the concept to a whole new level with their ‘Winemaker Experience’.

Quinta dos Vales is both a fully functioning winery and a holiday resort development. The Stocks are offering the public the chance to own a holiday house, a parcel of a vineyard and the wine made from it, or both. When I received a press release from Karl Heinz Stock describing the concept, I wanted to know more, and he suggested I speak to Michael, whose English is fluent, to find out more and how it all works. Our Zoom recent conversation is the basis for the video interview below.

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