by Robin Wilson (with a video by Malcolm Jolley)

It is so much more delicious and exciting, I’m sure, for me to say that Vancouver’s Vikram Vij is bringing his famed Vij’s Restaurant to Toronto – unfortunately that might be a little longer of a wait (here’s hoping). But in efforts to spread his love in a different fashion, Vij has launched a line of flash frozen curries, which make it easier for us Easterners to bring home some of his authentic Indian delights. All the Best Fine Foods paired up with Vij, hosting quite the aromatic showcase of such products at a special dinner in their store recently. Luckily, the charming chef was out on the floor for most of the night, talking up a storm – my kind of guy. You can really see the passion for good Indian food just ooze out of him. “I wanted to showcase that Indian food was not just this Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala, but subtle, as flavorful and as complex as any other cuisine out there” Vij explains. Just coming back from curry country myself, I’ve never found it so easy to listen to someone.

The menu was quite the treat. From the Beef Kabobs with Creamy Bengali-style Curry that were offered by Vij himself the moment I walked in, to the famous mouth-watering Lamb Popsicles with Fenugreek Cream Curry – everything just had me wanting more. In fact, the latter of the two has me wanting to make the trip up to All The Best right now, along with other gourmet treats. Not to worry though, Vij’s product line officially launched a year and a half ago – so it has had its time to make it to McEwan as well. Give it a little more time – and we might even see it hit Loblaws and/or Sobey’s.

So although a visit to Vij’s Vancouver notable restaurant is always in order, Fenugreek Cream Curry, Chicken Curry, and Coconut Masala (among many others) – can all be yours and mine in Toronto, and just in time for spring entertaining! Perfect.

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Robin Wilson is an avid eater who enjoys the finer things in life… including curry.GFR videos are generously sponsored by a grant from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company. Malcolm Jolley is a founding editor of Good Food Revolution and Executive Director of Good Food Media, the non-profit organization that publishes GFR. Photo: John Gundy.