By Jamie Drummond

Just the other day I found myself cycling through Leslieville and thought to pop into Dan and Kristin Donovan’s sustainable Fishmongers Hooked located at 888 Queen Street East, Toronto.

A few months back we interviewed Dan about the reasons behind his decision to become a Fishmonger and the underlying philosophies of Hooked.

So many months have flown by since Hooked’s opening that we felt it was high time that we revisited the store and had a poke around.

Having always been rather partial to taking photographs of fish in various Fishmongers around the world, I thought I’d take a few snaps of what was on the slab on that particular day, Wednesday the 27th of July.

Nota bene: According to the staff the selection changes daily, so I’d strongly advise you to call ahead if you are looking for anything in particular, or have your heart/stomach set on that big piece of Swordfish!

A little drawing from another satisfied customer

A list of just some of the daily offerings... and they change up the selection all the time.

Some rather smashing looking sardines... Toronto Summers were made for grilling sardines.

A mini shoal of colourful Smelt... one of my personal favourites.

A splendid selection of Ontario Lakefish was available the day GFR dropped in.

A whopping great chunk of Nova Scotian Swordfish.

A healthy sized British Columbian Halibut.

Some Troll-Caught Chinook Salmon from the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia.

These Speckled trout look strangely happy to be on ice at Hooked.

Line-Caught Sablefish (often referred to as Black Cod in the USA and Canada) from the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

Live-Trapped Char from the Southern Basin of Lake Huron... funny looking chaps aren't they?

Some fresh Qualicum Scallops, just ready for a little sautée... served over some lamb's lettuce.

Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… and he still wishes that there was another Hooked over in the West End.