Going vegan this January doesn’t have to mean cutting out the vino! Just grab Toro Bravo!


Toro Bravo wants to help you go vegan for the month of January! The winemakers at Toro Bravo are always focused on making a wine that delivers the most possible to anyone who picks up a bottle. They have succeeded in making approachable, delicious, and affordable wines, but wanted to go the extra mile to be certified vegan as well. This requires the team to find vegan-friendly materials and practices versus traditional winemaking, but doing more for their customers is what they do best.


Not doing the full Veganuary challenge? Try it once a week and pick a different Toro Bravo every time!


Toro Bravo Red – 750ml – $8.30 – #635755

Toro Bravo Red – 1500ml – $15.10 – #17834

Toro Bravo White – 750ml – $8.30 – #10711

Toro Bravo Sparkling Secco – 750ml – $11.75 – #16191



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