Good Food Revolution ( is Canada’s good food and wine news and information exchange website. As of July 2021 it is edited and compiled by Jamie Drummond and published by Gingerz Consulting.

Good Food Revolution publishes a minimum of five commissioned articles per week, 50 weeks per year, drawing on a pool of approximately 30 writers, photographers and freelance content producers.

Good Food Revolution (GFR) relies on the support of sponsoring members called Good Food Fighters. Good Food Fighter membership is by invitation only. Good Food Fighter member individuals or organisations must demonstrate a commitment to the good food movement and must specifically be actively engaged in the promotion of at least one of Good Food Media’s three core tenets:

Conviviality: returning to the table to engage with others while enjoying real food cooked by real people;

Accountability: championing food produced with respect for the physical environment and culinary tradition that comes from an acknowledged place, produced by acknowledged people; and

Responsibility: understanding that nutritious, delicious and carefully made food is a universal right.

Good Food Fighters are drawn from food and wine businesses, agricultural and hospitality industries and any manner of organisation which affects how we eat.

In exchange for their support, Good Food Fighters are offered three important benefits:

Blogging and Listing Privileges: Good Food Fighters are encouraged to participate in the creation of original and informative content as bloggers, they are also encouraged to list their food and wine events on the GFR site’s event calendar.

Access to GFR Content: Good Food Fighters may reproduce any and all copyrighted GFR content on their websites , email newsletters, in- store materials or any other appropriate manner.

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