Woodman Wines & Spirits presents the 2020 Burgundy vintage from Bouchard Père et Fils…

2020: Classically Composed

“…a Burgundy season that rewrote the rules.” – Neil Martin, Vinous Advocate

“2020? Yes, a little bit of magic.” – Didier Séguier, William Fèvre Winemaker

“There are wines of a profound intensity beyond anything I saw in 2018 and 2019… These are wines with immense aging potential.” – Jasper Morris MW, Inside Burgundy


2020 is a year we will never forget. While so many of us were locked down and quarantined, nature quietly carried on along those idyllic slopes between Dijon and Lyon.

Dedicated growers laboured without tourists and journalists, giving them a chance to amiably reconnect.

As growing seasons become warmer, winter water tables have become increasingly important. 2020 began with a fair amount of moisture, setting the stage to support a warm, early Spring. Budburst occurred in
March, with early flowering occurring in mid-May. Better still, vineyards were spared from frosts of years past(and future in 2021).

Overall, the year was warm; cumulatively one of the warmest ever on record. However, the difference between 2020 and other scorchers like 2003 is the timing. April and May were warm and sunny, interrupted
by a wet June that lengthened flowering. Coulure was not considered significant however, and yields at this point were normal.

The thermometer ramped up near the end of the month, but nights were blessedly cool. The heat of July and August was steady, concentrating flavours yet maintaining an exceptional presence of acidity. ‘Dry’ was the word of the summer, with consequential cropload reduction for the Pinot Noir. Yields were normal for most whites though. Jasper Morris MW searched for an answer as to why this was, but the best guess he received was that the dark Pinot skins attract more heat than the lighter Chardonnay.

A final push of heat in August brought in grapes to some of their earliest harvests ever, with several vineyards coming in before September 1st. Unanimously, freshness and aromatic intensity are the key markers of the vintage, with comparisons to 2017 already emerging. The wines are classically styled with tenacious acidity, structured cores for aging, and vibrant fruit to seduce in youth.

We present to you the exclusive opportunity to purchase the best thing to come out of 2020…


Bouchard Pere et Fils 2020 Vintage Assessment

William Fevre 2020 Vintage Assessment


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