So we’re not getting the typical Canadian winter. From coast to coast we are all shaking our heads. I mean, it’s the Great White North isn’t it?

This time of year, we typically wrap ourselves in layers, shovel the walkway, scrape off the car and complain about the weather. The solace comes in the form of good hot stews, soups and braises; the winter comfort foods that are a reward for braving the elements.

With the weather we’ve encountered this winter, it is difficult to know whether to get a meaty slow cooking braise going or to dust off the BBQ and grill a couple of steaks! Some of us are year round BBQers so even in -30C weather, you’ll see us flipping burgers and steaks.

Here are some weather-based tips to get you through the next couple of months:

Warmer days: Get grilling – it is quick, rewarding and no clean up! There are a number of choices (from expensive to inexpensive cuts) that are perfect for grilling and totally tasty – Tenderloin, Striploin, Rib-eye, Top-Sirloin, Bavette, Sirloin Tip, Hangar Steak, Clodhammer and so many more…. plus don’t forget sausages and burgers!

Chilly but not frigid days: Get the oven going with a simple Roasted Chicken. Throw in some potatoes, carrots and onions and your meal is done. Finish the chicken by brushing it with The Healthy Butcher’s BBQ finishing sauce. Any leftovers make for an awesome lunch.
Cold Cold Cold Days: This calls for braising or soups or stews! Take advantage of our Cool Deal on Pacific Organic Broth/Stocks – 3 for $10.00 (for a limited time only) Feel comforted that the best braising cuts are also the least expensive cuts (shank, neck, chuck, cheek, brisket, shoulder/butt). Basically, the most active / locomotive muscles are the best ones for braising. Try this simple recipe on any of these cuts (not just osso buco crosscut shank).

Remember that we have already passed the longest night of the year and the sun is doing its best to greet us every morning with the warmth of a summer to come…

Get out your seed catalogues and plan this summer’s garden. You’ll need side dishes to go with these fabulous meals!