It’s turning out to be a rather busy Summer for food events. This weekend sees the inaugural Ontario Food Truck Eats event in the Distillery District, something that we feel is certainly something to shout about!

Trucks participating will include Niagara’s legendary  El Gastronomo Vagabundo, Hamilton’s The Cupcake Diner and Gorilla Cheese, Newmarket’s Bonfire Catering, Toronto’s Steamwhistle Brewery, and Brick Street Bakery.

Good Food Revolution caught up with organiser Suresh Doss to get the lowdown on this weekend’s proceedings:

Good Food Revolution: What drove you to organise this event?

Suresh Doss: There are a number of food trucks that operate in this province, but mostly on private property and at private events. I’m hosting these events to bring some attention to quality street food in hopes that one day food trucks can roam the streets of Toronto like they do in U.S. cities like Miami, Portland, etc.

GFR: What is the concept behind inviting restaurants to participate?

SD: The first event is 50/50. 50% of the participants are existing food trucks that were able to make it. The other 50% are chefs in Toronto that have personally expressed that one day they would like to operate a food truck. These chefs will be at the event serving their take on street food.

GFR: Why do you think Toronto is so very behind when it comes to Food Trucks?

SD: We have the trucks, and more coming. By my count, we should have close to 20 trucks by the end of this year. That’s a lot!. But the city’s rules need to change for these trucks to be able to operate in public spaces. Right now they’re operating out of wineries and private spaces.

GFR: How would you like to see the Toronto Food Truck situation developing over the coming 12 months?

SD: I’d like to be able to see some of these gourmet food trucks in spaces like Nathan Phillips Square, Distillery District, Yonge & Dundas square.

GFR: I couldn’t help but notice the absence of both Caplansky’s and Smoke’s Poutinerie, two of Toronto’s most well-known Food Trucks… will they be participating in the future?

SD: Yes. There are a number of trucks that were not able to make the first event, but will be there for Part 2 (August) and 3 (October). By the 3rd event, we should have approximately 12 trucks.

GFR: When can we expect to see the next Food Truck Eats event?

SD: Mid August. The best place to find out would be our facebook page

or #foodtruckeats on twitter.

GFR: Excellent… we’ll see you on Saturday!