Nicholas Pearce presents funky and zesty wines from Tuscany and Slovenia…

At Nicholas Pearce Wines we are pumped to present to you this special offer to order the delicious wines of Štekar from Slovenia and Antonio Camillo from Tuscany, arriving to Ontario in April 2020!

Both producers have a strong focus on working with local grape varieties. While Štekar plays more with long macerations on the skins and ageing in acacia barrels, Antonio Camillo prefers using concrete and inox tanks to retain the freshness that the Thyrrenian sea gives to his wines.

See below for more insights about these amazing winemakers and their cuvées!

Štekar – Goriska Brda

The Štekar family has been growing grapes in Goriska Brda since 1985. With 6 acres of vines planted in the stunning hills of western Slovenia, along with cherry orchards, Jure Štekar has committed to make wine the way his grandfather Emil taught his father: respecting tradition and avoiding invasive technologies.

Certified organic since 2006, Jure likes to play with long macerations, spontaneous fermentations and tiny SO2 amounts. His goal is to produce genuine wines that tell the story of his land and family.

Rebula – Skin contact Ribolla Gialla 2018 – $26.95
100% Ribolla Gialla planted on the Opoka (marl) soils. Skin contact maceration for 14 days before pressing, the juice finishes the fermentation in Slovenian Acacia barrels, which enhances the aromas of the grape. Eleven months later the wine is bottle unfiltered, resulting in an expressive, crips and simply spectacular wine.

Emilio – Skin contact Tokai Friulano 2018 – $26.95
A tribute cuvée to his grandfather, made from Furlanski Tokej, Ribolla Gialla and Pinot Gris. All grapes macerate wildly for 24 hours, with no temperature control, then pressed and stabilized in stainless steel. After this, it finishes the fermentation in barrels.

Morus – Skin contact, barrel aged Tokai Friulano 2017 – $39.95
The Morus winery started with the 2016 harvest, after Janko Tomenic and Jure Stekar collaborated with some incredible old vines from Janko’s property in the Goriska Brda. The concept is simple, make stunning natural wine from this amazing piece of land, which is home to 4 different grapes: Sivi Pinot, Sauvignonasse (Tokai), Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

This side project of Jure’s is offering some truly expressive and dynamic wines from a different exposure in the region, and it will be exciting to see the wines develop as the project grows. Jure makes the wines at his cellar, focusing on a very soft hand during the process, skin fermentation for the white wines, natural fermentations in old barrels, and aging in the same neutral vessels.

After harvest, the grapes remained with their skins for seven days in very old 500L French tonneau before pressing and another 20 months in those same barrels. Only natural yeasts are relied upon for the fermentations, and only small bits of sulfur were added after malolactic finished, and just before bottling.

Merlot 2017 – $29.95
The Merlot comes from a 20-year-old hillside vineyard on the property, which produces one of the most special wines at the estate, because the oak that the wine ferments and ages in for 13 months, is entirely Slovenian oak from the oak trees on the property. The wood is cut, dried, and turned into barrels so that the reds of the estate can soften in them, but what makes the Merlot extra special, is it is the only wine that is solely aged in the estate’s own wood. The fruit was brought in for native fermentations in these barrels, and was not filtered before bottling, which is also the only instance when the wine sees any sulfur additions.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 – $29.95
This wine comes from a couple small 20-year-old vineyards called Podčetrka. The grapes are hand-harvested in the morning. In the winery, the fermentation starts from natural yeasts using the whole-cluster in 500L used oak barrels, and after pressing the wine rests in the same barrels for 2 years before bottling. A combination of French and American barrels is used, as well as Slovenian oak that actually comes from the estate’s own forests.

They cut the wood, age it outside for 6 years, and send it to be made into barrels for their wine, adding a truly unique and special characteristic to their finished wine.

Antonio Camillo

After several years working in other estates in Italy and abroad, Antonio Camillo decided to acquire two small parcels and began making unmasked wines. Born and raised in Maremma along the Tyrhennian sea, Antonio farms his vineyards organically in the southernmost part of the region, touching Lazio.

Old vineyards and grapes from the area are cultivated and vinified according to tradition.

‘Making wine in the area is the result of an intertwining of relationships, those of the life of the vine, the land that welcomes it, the plants and fields that surround it; the relationships that men undertake with the vine and with the nature that surrounds it, of the relationships that men and women who cross the vineyard establish among themselves…’, Antonio Camillo.

Tutti I Giorni Bianco 2018 [1L bottle!] – $29.95
70% Trebbiano, 20% Malvasia, 10% Ansonica, from 40-50 year old vines. The grapes ferment
spontaneously and macerate on the skins in concrete tanks for three days before being pressed. It also ages in concrete tanks for six months. As its name suggest, it is a crushable wine which always finds its place on the table.

Tutti I giorni Rosso 2018 [1L bottle!] – $29.95
50% Sangiovese, 40% Ciliegiolo, 10% Alicante, from 40-50 year old vines. The grapes macerate on the skins for 12 days. Fermentation kicks off from indigenous yeasts and once finished, the wine ages for some months in concrete tanks.

Vermentino IGT Toscana 2018 – $29.95
The vermentino vines are approximately 20 year old and grow in the municipality of Capalbio, along the coast at 100 meters above sea level. Soils are loamy, characterized by a fair amount of sand. The grapes are hand-harvested the first week of September, and ferment in stainless steel tanks. After fermentation, the wine ages in concrete tanks for 6 months and remains in the bottle for 3 months before being released.

This Private Order offer will close on February 2nd. Estimated time of arrival is April 2020.

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