We are proud to be now representing one of the top grappa producers in Italy.

Grappa started out in the 1970’s as a spirit that was made industrially and cheap.  In 1980 Paolo Marolo wrote “Deliberately forgotten in Acacia barrels” on his Barolo grappa label.  This was the start of high quality grappa production by ageing in wood barrels.

In 1977 Paolo Marolo who taught Herbalism and Liqueur making at the Oenology school in Alba and established the Santa Teresa distillery to enhance the image of grappa worldwide.

It was in 1989  Marolo started producing single varietal grappa and shortly thereafter single vineyard due to his close ties with wineries in the Piedmont region.

In 2014 Lorenzo Marolo (pictured above) joins the company and carries on the tradition of grappa, Vermouth and Amaro production.

The beautiful labels were created by artist Gianni Gallo who was from the Dogliani area of Piedmont and a close friend of Paolo Marolo. These grappas are of a quality that is rarely seen in North America.  

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Marolo Grappa Mixed Pack

1 x Barolo Bussia

Clear in color, with an ample and enveloping aroma conveying light floral overtones. Warmly full-flavored, very expressive.

1 x Moscato 5 Year Old

The Moscato grappa is aged 5 years in barriques from Sicily, that previously contained Moscato di Pantelleria. The  deep amber colour, has an intense nose and taste of almonds.

1 x Barbera

Crystalline appearance, with aromas that are vivacious and expressive. The flavours reveal dryness and continuity and the alcohol is in perfect balance.

299.99/ 3 btl

These bottles can also be purchased individually. Enquire for pricing.

Liquore alla Camomilla con Grappa ‘Milla’

Milla is a liqueur made from the infusion of Camomile flowers in the grappa. The Camomile flowers are picked when fully ripened then left to steep for eleven months in the grappa.  Great on it’s own or in cocktails.



This Amarone grappa features all excellent characteristics of the variety and the aging in barriques gives it the particular deep amber color. It has fruity cherry notes along with those of almonds, hazelnuts and at the end, mint and anise. Balsamic and herbal flavors 


Barolo 12 Year Old

Amber‑coloured, this grappa is very smooth.  In its aromatic profile the ranges of fruit and spices are predominant; typical of grappa with a long ageing and a high quality standard. On the palate there is candied fruit; raisins, dried prunes and fruit syrup,  jam and the citrus round out the palate. In the range of spices the flavour of the barrel dominates together with pepper, liquorice, tobacco and cloves. 



Made with the pomaces of Brunello di Montalcino, from Tuscany and aged in stainless steel. Clear in appearance, with a perfume that is delicate, fresh and floral. The flavour is soft and elegant, corresponding optimally to the enticing aromas.


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