It’s time! We are so excited to introduce our first wines vinified exclusively in clay amphorae. As a testament to Stratus’ belief in the Future of Traditions, we have revisited this age-old winemaking tradition to bring vibrant, fruit driven wines through the lens of Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay.  These two very special wines join the esteemed White Label collection as vineyard blocks and fruit were designated for specific clay amphorae at harvest.

Just released in our Tasting Room and online, we encourage you to try this modern expression of a classic old-world practice.

Intrigued?  Why not join us for Stratus Backstage  this Sunday April 21, where we will explore the influence of clay, barrel and steel vessels in winemaking.

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Curious about what goes on behind the scenes at Stratus? Peek into barrels and amphora at our upcoming Backstage Tour focusing on Earth and Vessels. Explore the histories and mysteries of aging vessels from old to new, all while enjoying our latest wines.
Tickets  ($45 + hst) include a walking tour of the cellar and vineyard, and a seated tasting.


Back to popular demand, join us for Pooches & Pairings on Sunday, May 5th! We are excited to welcome you and your furry friend for a relaxing afternoon walking through our vineyard.  Enjoy seasonal sips, local bites, and treats for your canine companions at tasting stations in the vines.

Ticket price ($38 + HST) includes 4 wine tastings with food pairings and extra special bites at each station for your pet.



Stratus Vineyards, a leader in innovative and sustainable winemaking, introduced two new wines shaped by deep-rooted tradition at a reception and dinner at the eminent Gardiner Museum in Toronto on April 12, 2024.

“Earth & Amphora” was an event for enthusiasts of art and wine, and will showcase the first collection of Stratus wines made exclusively in clay amphorae, an initiative that again illustrates their belief in the “Future of Traditions.” “We are very excited about how this debut event commemorates Earth Month and will integrate the creativity and passion of so many,” said Suzanne Janke, Stratus’ estate director. “From the artist who sketched our amphorae, to the ceramist who created small replica amphorae, to the wines and the Gardiner Museum itself, it’s a story of craftsmanship and community – all rooted in clay.”

Modern clay amphorae are handmade vessels that are modelled on the winemaking traditions of ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians, but that are now created to meet exacting specifications for composition and firing. They can be calibrated for precise oxygen management and fitted with lids, valves and doors that facilitate winemaking.

“By utilizing this evolving ancient technology, we have given ourselves more winemaking options and increased the diversity that contributes to complexity in our wines,” says Winemaker Dean Stoyka. “Think of it as having more tools in the tool kit. ”

The winemaking appeal of amphorae is their unique ability to allow oxygen exchange (similar to oak barrels) while preserving the fruit qualities and freshness in the wine (similar to stainless steel tanks). This combination of attributes means that the wines made in amphorae are true reflections of the terroir they came from. As such, in keeping with the philosophy of the Stratus White Label Series, these wines were designated at harvest for their quality and suitability to this vessel.

The amphora-aged wines was released at the winery on April 13, 2024.  For more information about Stratus and its new amphora wines, please visit the website or contact

About the Gardiner Museum

Located in the heart of Toronto, the Gardiner Museum is a premier institution dedicated to exploring the art, history, and culture of ceramics. With its motto, “Create Community with Clay,” the museum offers a wide array of exhibitions, workshops, and events designed to inspire and engage audiences with the versatility and beauty of clay.

About Stratus Vineyards

Set in the heart of Niagara, Ontario, Stratus Vineyards has always been at the forefront of combining innovative techniques with time-honoured traditions to create exceptional wines. As the world’s first LEED-certified winery (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), sustainability, quality and design have been foundational for Stratus. Their 55-acre farm is home to 16 grape varieties and is certified sustainable by Sustainable Winegrowing Ontario.

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