On January 30th, the Independent Wine Education Guild (IWEG) begins its ever popular Ontario’s Brave New Wines series.  Taking place over the course of 4 weekends at the IWEG Drinks Academy in Toronto, Ontario’s Brave New Wines is a group of classes that takes a look at the wineries and winemakers who are producing quality wines in unique and exciting ways.  Be it organic, biodynamic or sustainable, these winemakers are pushing old ideas into new and unexpected directions. 

Each week will feature some of Ontario’s finest wineries and provide insight into topics such as grape growing in Ontario’s variable climate, sustainable production and how Ontario wine competes on the global wine market.

With Ontario’s Brave New Wines, IWEG continues to help promote and distinguish wines on both a local and global scale. This is a perfect opportunity to learn about the wines that are made right here in our own backyard!  For more information on IWEG, including class schedules and course offerings, please visit their website at www.iweg.com.

Southbrook Vineyards would like to thank IWEG for its continued support in spreading the value and importance of Ontario wine, and we are looking forward to collaborate with our winemaking allies throughout the four week course.


Get ready to try a variety of great sustainably made wines made right here in Ontario!


Below is the complete agenda for the course:

January 30th– What is sustainable wine in Ontario? – Stratus Vineyards / Suzanne Janke

February 6th– Roots and Regions – Cave Spring Cellars / Gabe DeMarco: Rosewood Estates Winery / Will Roman

February 20th– Alternative Approaches: Organic, Biodynamic and low intervention wines – Southbrook Vineyards / Ann Sperling / The Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards / Maggie Belcastro

February 27th– Ontario 2025 – Into the Future with Norman Hardie Winery / Norman Hardie, Hidden Bench Vineyards/ Harald Theil, Malivoire / Shiraz Mottiar

Tickets are $300 for all four classes or $80 for one, and can be purchased by visiting the IWEG website here.  To register please visit the Brave New Wines Page here.

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