All The Right Grapes brings Jane Anson’s Inside Bordeaux book to Canada…

All The Rights Grapes Inc. is thrilled to announce they will serve as the exclusive Canadian distributor of Inside Bordeaux, the newest book from acclaimed wine writer and author Jane Anson. After a delay due to the current global Covid-19 pandemic, a limited run of Inside Bordeaux is now available for pre-order in Canada via o r by emailing
Jane Anson has lived in the region since 2003 and is described by  Decanter  as “the world’s most informed and accomplished expert on the wines of Bordeaux”. Inside Bordeaux is an innovative new guide to the châteaux, their wines and the terroir of Bordeaux. “This is the first book about Bordeaux to have such a focus on the terroir of the region – and more importantly to draw clear and usable links between the soils/microclimates and why the wines taste the way they do,” says Anson.


Within the 708 pages of Inside Bordeaux, Anson worked with leading experts to produce 58 brand-new full colour maps, including sets in ‘gatefolds’ – a first for wine publishing. For Bordeaux-lovers it will prove a long-term companion, covering not just the newest trends but also older vintages: an invaluable guide to finding quality and value across the world’s largest fine-wine region.

“The maps are beautiful as well as useful, and unfold so that readers can see, side by side, the landscape, the châteaux – and the terroir that lies beneath them,” says Anson. These stunningly detailed maps offer new perspective, illustrating, for instance, the gravel terraces of the Left Bank, and the limestone plateaux of the Right Bank, and what these phenomena mean for different vintages. The book also features aerial photographs of the region taken by Jason Lowe.

For Inside Bordeaux , Anson also draws upon recent – and literally ground-breaking – research by experts at the University of Bordeaux to profile the terroir of key châteaux and appellations. This research, some of it as yet unpublished, will give readers vital insight into which wines will excel in which years.

Inside Bordeaux is priced at C$110.00, plus GST 5% and shipping; pre-orders will be delivered in approximately 4-6 weeks. Published by BB&R Press, Inside Bordeaux by Jane Anson: The châteaux, the wines and their terroir was recently reviewed by Decanter: read the book review here.

While Bordeaux wine-lovers and collectors are waiting for more information on the postponed 2019 En Primeur campaign, Anson’s Inside Bordeaux will provide them with a new perspective to consider when choosing their wines, as well as insight into the people, the techniques and the philosophies that shape them.

About Jane Anson:
Described as “ the world’s most informed and accomplished expert on the wines of Bordeaux – bar none ”, Jane Anson has lived in Bordeaux since 2003 and as Bordeaux Correspondent, contributes to Decanter magazine – both in print and online, as well as penning a monthly wine column for Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, and a weekly column for Jane has had numerous books published, including Bordeaux Legends: The 1855 First Growth Wines . As well as various other writing projects, Jane is an accredited wine teacher at the Bordeaux École du Vin. She holds a Masters in publishing from University College London, and a tasting diploma from the Bordeaux faculty of oenology.
About All The Right Grapes Inc.:
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