Mizubasho Junmai Ginjo Nagai Brewery Gunma

Look for Nagai brewery’s Mizubasho Junmai sake in the LCBO Vintages section at $18.45 a 300ml bottle, click here to find a store stocking it near you.

Named after the water lilies that bloom in the Summer months, Nagai brewery is located in the beautiful hills of Gunma Prefecture. The Nagai family has been brewing sake since 1886. The brewery sits on a pristine water source, chosen for it’s soft, yet mineral-full water.

Brewed with Yamadanishiki rice, ‘the King of Sake Rice’, this sake is aromatic & beautifully balanced, elegant yet powerful on the palate, With soft acidity & structure, you can enjoy this sake on its own or with fresh oysters, soft cheese or a wide array of flavours. Luxuriously polished down to 50% for a concentrated & focused palate.

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