Mead, otherwise known as honey wine is the first form of alcohol known to humans. Mead was created when three simple and natural ingredients came together – honey, yeast and water. Natural fermentation occurred and the alcohol industry was born (over 7,000 years ago). Rich with history, mead was first developed in the Fertile Crescent and eventually moved it’s way through Europe and the British Isles.

But was is this pyment? Pyment is a unique mead blended with grape juice. Traditional mead is created with the three natural ingredients but as meads evolved humans started to add different juices and nectars to meads to enhance different flavours. Pyment is a mead but with grape juice added in to add acidity and flavour.

At Rosewood Estates Winery & Meadery we not only craft traditional meads but we also experiment with pyments & melomels ( mead with fruit juice ). After extensive research and testing the winemaking team decided that the best two grape varieties to blend with mead are: Pinot Noir & Gewurztraminer.

Winemaker Natalie Spytkowsky & Rosewood owner Eugene Roman work together to develop unique and delicious meads that taste great with a wide range of foods from curry, Thai food, to cheese & savoury desserts. We’ve developed two seasonal pyments that are fan favourites: Mead Blanc ( mead blended with Gewurztraminer ) & Mead Noir ( mead blended with Pinot Noir ).

Mead Noir will be released during the weekend of Graze The Bench. Limited edition and in a new bottle , the newest Mead Noir highlights the 2011 honey & pinot noir vintage. This crowd favourite will be available to purchase for the first time during Graze The Bench and available at the winery only. You can only purchase the Mead Noir online on our site too! With only 20 grams of residual sugar and 14% this dry mead can be enjoyed with cajun BBQ pork, savoury & spicy meals as well as cheese and a wide range of chocolate desserts.

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