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Juliet Harbutt on Cheese

Juliet Harbutt is not only the author of the World Cheese Book, which is arguably the English-speaking world’s definitive reference book on the subject, she is also the founder and chief of the British Cheese Awards, which may be the world’s most vigorous.

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Goats Milk Ice Cream from Fifthtown and Pascales

The ambrosia is actually produced by Pascale’s All Natural Ice Cream in Ottawa. Fifth Town ships them fresh chèvre cheese and goats’ milk from which owner and maker Pascale Berthiaume creates a French custard which she then churns into ice cream. If Haagen Daz is premium – this is super premium – I mean like Berthillon ice cream on the Ile-Saint-Louis in Paris. Yes, it is $5 for a tiny scoop – but it is so rich and so delicious any more would ruin a good thing.

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Hot Cheese

by Andy Shay Has anybody noticed, or is it just me, that hot cheese is getting to be a hot topic here in Canada. Okay, raise your hands now, how many of you received a gift basket over the holidays with a “cheese baking dish”...

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