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Seasons of Contagion II

by Anthony Wing Being the second  part,  following the first part of the confessional memory of a six-week gazebo project… High weekday noon along a secondary Eigensinn road, a benign Appian Way hedged with scores of wine...

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Seasons of Contagion I

I was standing, nay swaying, with Oyster Boy in the massive courtyard-like quad midway through the 100-acre georgic sprawl of Eigensinn Farm. A longtime Stadtlander confrere and wilderness wellspring, OB visits so often that a remote cabin on the property has long been effectively oyster-annexed…

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Anthony Wing’s Oyster Thing

Shuckers in busy restaurant or catering situations are alienated from intended and perceived ends: knives fly blind in search of the upper adductor muscle, which is somewhere near 2/3 down the shell from the entry mantle. Shucking is a presumptive knife skill, which isn’t welcome news for considerations of workplace safety.

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