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Dean Tudor’s Holiday Book List Part 3

‘I Love Bacon!’ has more than 50 preps from celebrity chefs in the US, including Cat Cora (Iron Chef). It begins with making your own bacon, moving through brunch, salads, sides, pasta, fish and meat, up through desserts (pig candy ice cream, maple-bacon ice cream).

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Let Them Eat Cake: Kathy Buckworth’s ‘Shut-Up and Eat’!

When Buckworth explains to her little darlings that animals have a short and painful life, (see Kathy’s Rules of the Kitchen #7) and aren’t cute anyway, roll with it! Do not think of maybe telling your children that there are in fact alternatives to hormone-filled factory-farmed meatsh*t, that you can actually get your kids to eat ethically raised and humanely slaughtered animals.

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Michele Genest’s Cuisine Yukonnaise

Michele Genest explained to me the three components that make the Yukon food scene unique and special: 1) the proliferation of market gardens, 2) an ingrained culture of berry picking and 3) the abundance of game. There you have it: hunting, gathering and small scale agriculture all wrapped together.

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Review: Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw

Bourdain talks extensively of his loathing for the Food Network; stumbles into an analysis of classic kiddie culture (calling Old Yeller “cynical and unconscionably bleak”); outlines, with devastating candour, the financial pitfalls of running a restaurant and of becoming a chef; raves about industrial meat and vegetarians with equal relish (albeit in different chapters); and offers an excellent list of things every cook needs to know – among them, chopping an onion, roasting a chicken, and making an omelet.

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Ivy’s Book Reviews – Mad Hungry

by Ivy Knight There are certain books you can judge by their cover, they look right, they look polished, something clicks in your brain and you know this book will not disappoint. This is especially the case with cookbooks and...

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