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The Ultimate Chicken Pot Pie

There is no dish more delicious and comforting on a chilly winter’s day than a good chicken pot pie- and at All The Best we make a really good one! In fact, we were delighted when a panel of experts in Post City Magazine agreed and judged our chicken pie to be the ‘BEST’ in the city.

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All The Best’s Chicken Pot Pie

A really good pie is not ‘fast food’. The filling of meat and vegetables must be carefully cooked and seasoned, with the perfect amount of juiciness and flavour which is then baked in a good short crust pastry or topped with a flaky buttery pastry lid.

At All The Best the customer favourite, beyond question, is our traditional Chicken Pot Pie. (Judged #1 Chicken Pot Pie in Toronto by Post City Magazines this week…very exciting news!)

We make our pies extra tasty by including good chunks of fresh local chicken (both light and dark meat) and fresh carrots and celery all mixed together with just enough light Chicken Velouté Sauce made with our own chicken stock and flavoured with leeks and fresh herbs.

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