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Presidential Gourmet

The kitchen at Presidential Gourmet is quiet, but humming. Peter Carruthers shows me a way to climb on top of one of the big walk-in fridge in the strip mall factory location just north of the Toronto city line in Markham, so I can watch a dozen or so of his cooks put together dishes. Carruthers, who started Presidential nearly 25 years ago has a passing resemblence to Name of the Rose-era Sean Connery, calmly gives me the resumes of the cooks below – each one has years of experience in top Toronto kitchens. He is supremely confident of his team.

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Prison Food – Learning to Cook in the Pen

My first interview is at Pittsburgh Institution with Andre Callaghan. A young soft spoken man who is enthralled by what he sees on Food TV. He likes Gordon Ramsay, wants to pursue an interest in vegetarian cooking and will be released in July 2011. When I asked him why he applied to be in the program, he seemed rather uneasy with the question. But as we talk, it becomes apparent that he takes great pride in the work that he is a part of everyday.

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