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Chuck Hughes to Visit The Stop’s After School Program

Calling all food journalists: on Monday, May 14, celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes will share his love of local food with the kids in The Stop’s After School Program. The author of new cookbook Garde Manger (HarperCollins Canada) and star of Chuck’s Day Off will spend the afternoon in the kitchen teaching our budding culinary experts, aged 8 to 12, how to prepare his favourite fish recipe.

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Big Night at the Green Barn – June 1

The Stop Community Food Centre presents a Big Night at the Green Barns, June 1. Join MC and celebrity chef David Rocco as top Toronto chefs cook ‘Nonna-inspired’ favourites in support of The Stop’s innovative Green Barn facility and programming. On the burners: Chris Brown, Lorenzo Loseto, Ted Corrado and Guido Saldini.

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Jamie Oliver at The Stop’s Green Barn

Eight-year old Parker sat quietly on a bench next to me drinking a small plastic cup of milk. I didn’t notice him at first because I was riveted by the spectacle before, the world famus chef, restaurateur, author, TV star, social entrepreur and general food revolution agitator Jamie Oliver was on his knees teaching knife skills at a table surrounded by 8 to 13 year old kids, volunteers from The Stop and a bunch of big burly camera and sound men from the TV networks. When I did notice Parker, and we introduced ourselves, he took a pause and asked me, “Who is that guy exactly?”

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