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Harvest Time at The Healthy Butcher

Late Summer is filled with the anticipation of the return of familiar faces and familiar routines, as children go back to school and summer vacations end. The return to routine is bitter sweet. It signals a more settled time for everyone. We love this time of year because just as everyone is returning to making home cooked meals, they have a superb selection of ingredients from which to choose.

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Food and Workers of Brickworks Picnic 2011 – A Photo Album

The annual Picnic at The Evergreen Brick Works has become Toronto’s biggest and bestest harvest festival, matching top city chefs with some of Ontario’s most dedicated farmers (and a few of our great winemakers too, just lubricate things properly). On October 2, GFR sent Toronto photographers Emily Patterson and Lainie Knox to take it all in and take a few pictures.

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