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Wolfville Farmers Market To Be Renewed

Devin Folks, Information Booth Coordinator for the Wolfville Farmers Market, suggests that by having an indoor space, the customers will have a safer and more convenient place to buy their food, which will in turn support the producers and processors, artisans, and craftspeople of the local economy to grow their businesses.

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Annapolis Valley Farmland’s Future Unsure

The County of Kings, a municipal body seeming to be very interested in increased tax revenue and developing infrastructure. It also seems to many in the region, to be a municipal body neglecting any sort of food insecurity Nova Scotia is bound to face as prime agricultural land is consumed and rezoned.

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Mycological in Nova Scotia

When foraging for wild mushrooms, it is imperative that one knows EXACTLY which mushroom one has. Eating one on a hunch, or a “that looks close enough”, can make a person very sick, and be fatal in some cases. Even the experts note that they don’t put anything in their mouth before they are certain. It’s just not worth going into liver failure over some fungus, as exciting as it may have been to find it.

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Toronto’s New Conscious Food Festival

Scott Rondeau, of Power Juncture and the force behind Toronto’s Festival of Beer and Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival, wanted to host a celebration of good food by switching up the dynamic from the more common, high-priced charity events, which have been very effective and which he thinks are great, to a more accessible promotion of the growing sustainable food movement, hopefully introducing thousands of people to food that is local, natural, healthy and delicious.

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When A Chef Goes Retail

by Zara Fischer-Harrison Maybe it’s a recession-friendly attitude, or maybe high-risk investments in new restaurants are becoming less and less attractive for worn out investors, but several great chefs in our city are...

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Just Fine With Fine Dining

by Zara Fischer-Harrison Sin: “an act that is regarded by theologians as a transgression of God’s will.” (See http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=sin) If it is God’s will that people should refrain from enjoying...

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