Nicholas Pearce presents Viñátigo from the Canary Islands…

We are excited to share an amazing offer of wines (and mixed cases!) from Bodegas Viñátigo. These beautiful wines from Tenerife in the Canary Islands will be arriving in October.

Juan Jesús, who is a 4th generation winemaker, founded Viñátigo in 1990 and has worked tirelessly since then identifying and recuperating the native grapes of the Canary Islands.

As a result of the work began in the late 90s, Viñatigo has successfully identified and cultivated several indigenous varieties: Gual, Marmajuelo, Vijariego, Tintilla, Baboso, Malvasia, etc. All this effort has been carried out with the utmost respect for the environment, both in the vineyards, by applying sustainable winegrowing practices, and in the construction of the building itself, using materials from the area and constructional designs that minimize energy consumption.

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We have compiled an extensive list of some of the most incredible wines from Viñatigo as well as curated some mixed cases of our favourites!

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Wines Available for Private Order

This special offer closes on Sept. 6th.

This is a Winery-direct offer. Place your order now and receive your case of wine in 10 weeks. To reserve your case of wine you only need to pay a $50 deposit today, the balance will be invoiced on arrival.

Viñátigo: Unique Grapes of the Canary Islands Mixed Case – 12x750ml – $395.40

Viñátigo Collection Mixed Case – 6x750ml – $375.70


Viñatigo Listán Blanco 2019 – 12x750ml – $27.95

Viñatigo Rosado de Listán Negro 2019 – 12x750ml – $27.95

Viñatigo Listán Negro 2019 – 12x750ml – $29.95

Viñatigo Gual 2019 – 12x750ml – $36.95

Viñatigo Marmajuelo 2019 – 12x750ml – $36.95

Viñatigo Malvasia Aromatica 2019 – 12x750ml – $36.95

Viñatigo Vijariego Blanco 2019 – 12x750ml – $37.95

Viñatigo Malvasia Clásico 2009 – 6x750ml – $64.95

Viñatigo Negramoll 2018 – 12x750ml – $37.95

Viñatigo Vijariego Negro 2017 – 12x750ml – $39.95

Viñatigo Tintilla 2018 – 12x750ml – $39.95

Viñatigo Baboso Negro 2018 – 6x750ml – $59.95

Viñatigo Ensamblaje Blanco 2019 – 6x750ml – $49.95

Viñatigo Ensamblaje Tinto 2018 – 6x750ml – $64.95

Viñatigo Elaboraciones Ancestrales Orange 2019 – 6x750ml – $59.95

Viñatigo Elaboraciones Ancestrales Tinto 2017 – 6x750ml – $73.95

Viñatigo Laderas de Teno 2017 – 6x750ml – $76.95

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