Nicholas Pearce presents an evening of Volcanic Canaray Island wine at Grand Cru Deli…

Exclusive: for all of you in love with volcanic terroirs and prephylloxera grapes: we have a Canary Islands date this Tuesday 24th at @grandcrudeli / Grand Cru Deli with @ccmendz / Celia Méndez from @bodegasvinatigo / Bodegas Viñatigo

If you want to know what Gual and Tintilla taste like or you want to repeat because you just love it, come by from 6:00-10:00PM. Make a reservation for a table, or take your chances at the bar @grandcrudeli !

We guarantee lots of chatting about volcanic stuff, weird grapes and more volcanic stuff.


Bodegas Viñatigo is family winery located in the north-west of Tenerife, Canary Islands. Since 1990, their purpose has been to recover the near-extinct native grape varieties that remained in the island due to the lack of phylloxera. Their mission to promote these near-extinct varieties explains why many of their bottlings are monovarietal and featured prominently on their labels. Many bottlings are extremely limited in their production and hand-numbered. Nowadays the winery elaborates wines from 12 different grapes that grow from sea level up to +1000 meters on a myriad of volcanic soils, with a constant influence of the Trade Winds and the Ocean breeze.

Viticulture at Viñátigo is sustainability-focused. The grapes are hand-harvested and fermented using indigenous yeasts. Grapes go through two triages, first in the fields and then again in the winery. Minimal sulfur is used in the winery and no synthetic materials are used in the winemaking.

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