VINOLOGIE presents the fine wines of Wiengut Siegrist…

German wines tend to be somewhat lesser known and under appreciated in Ontario. But this continues to change and it is an ongoing journey to discover Germany’s significant and tasty contribution to the wine world.

The Pfalz wine region, also known as the Palatinate, is located in the southwestern part of Germany. Weingut Siegrist is located in the southern part of the Pfalz, in the village of Leinsweiler, literally a 25 minute drive to the French border and Alsace. The two regions have much in common – terroir, soils, climate, grape varieties, warm hospitality and the love of good food and wine.

Weingut Siegrist is a family owned and managed winery since 1974, when Thomas and Gisela Siegrist chose an uncommon path for their vini – and viti- cultural methods. First, rebelliously for the region, they chose to focus on grape growing only, not mixed agriculture as was the norm. Thomas Siegrist wanted to make wines according to nature. Wines with a home and an origin. Wines with character and uniqueness. To achieve this, he chose to use barriques in the winemaking process. At the time, this was considered quite a deviation in the German wine world. Thomas Siegrist did not give up and is now one of the founding members of the German Barrique Forum – because this process accepted elsewhere to produce the best wines is now not only allowed but highly valued in Germany. Today, their daughter Kerstin and son-in-law Bruno have joined the winery to continue Thomas’ vision.

The German wine classification method has been perceived as quite complex – changes have been underway to make the different levels easier to understand. The wines below are from 2 levels of VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter – a German organisation which promotes the country’s top wines and estates):

  • VDP.Gutswein: these wines are often the first bottled and sold of the vintage; they are viewed as the winery’s calling card and a great way to be introduced to the winery’s style;
  • VDP.Ortswein: here only regional/local grape varieties are bottled, often grown on the best soil sin one specific locality and thus express the terroir at its best.

There are two more levels, VDP.Erste Lage and VDP.Grosse Lage, each more specific and qualitative in wine style.

We are so very happy to introduce these characterful wines to the Ontario market through the Destination Collection, at the Germany Destination Store in Waterloo and online.

Weingut Siegrist Pinot Blanc VDP.Gutswein 2019 (LCBO# 957877 | $25.15)
First a subdued, gentle perfume then a surprising opening on the palate with green apple, pear and honey melon. Juicy and powerful, lively and complex with a refreshing acidity and lightly mineral finish. Pairs well with fish, seafood, poultry, white meats and of course any Asian foods such as sushi. Makes for a great summer sipper. Also known as Weissburgunder. Click here to find this wine at the LCBO.

Weingut Siegrist Sauvignon Blanc VDP.Gutswein 2019 (LCBO# 957885 | $27.45)
Intense fragrance of blackcurrant blossom, exotic fruits, lychee, mango and kiwi. Generous mouth feel, complex with refreshing acidity and light mineral finish. Serve with goat cheese with honey, fish, seafood, white meat, Asian cuisine, sushi. The German take on Sauvignon Blanc – ripe and tasty. Click here to find this wine at the LCBO.

Weingut Siegrist Pinot Noir VDP.Gutswein 2017 (LCBO# 957893 | $27.45)
A characterful Burgundian style Pinot Noir. Intense, wild, deep fruit with elegant coolness and structure. Aromas of spices, herbs and black fruits. Fantastic mouth feel and long finish. Perfect for beef, lamb, wild boar and deer dishes. One of the red grapes that works very well in Germany – also known as Blauburgunder. Click here to find this wine at the LCBO.

Weingut Siegrist Leinsweiler Riesling Eigensinn VDP.Ortswein 2019 (LCBO# 957901 | $34.25)
A masterpiece of Riesling which demonstrates perfectly the precious mussel limestone terroir. A bouquet of herbs and yellow stone fruit combined with straightforward minerality. Very complex and elegant. The expressive minerality of the terroir completes this Riesling giving incredible depth and finesse. Pair with fish and white meat dishes: Blanquette de Veau (veal ragout) , Lotte de Mer (monkfish) in lemon sauce or Rabbit in a Riesling cream. Click here to find this wine at the LCBO.

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