If you are totally into mayo, gourmet-ishy fare , food trucks, and combining those interests on Instagram, James Cunningham’s book ‘ Eat St’ is for you.’ The paper take- home highlight reel of his adventures while hosting the TV show of the same name is packed with recipes and corresponding mouthwatering photos. It affords trendmongers the opportunity to sample exotic meals on wheels from exotic places like Lansing Michigan…. Provided they are motivated to cook for themselves.

The recipes are divided into seven somewhat arbitrary categories; seemingly based mostly on portability and mess factors. The instructions are clearly written and most of the recipes are accessible to hobby home chefs. Each dish is delightfully paired with a small bio about its roots and the characters who make it.

Needless to say, eating most of the food in this book on a regular basis would cause obesity, heart disease and the disapproval of Jamie Oliver. In fact one of the few veggie options is careful to warn readers not to let the word veggie fool them into thinking it’s healthy…*phew*. When the time comes to indulge in the wildest of food fantasies there is no shortage of options. There are also a few practical and nutritious meals that reinforce the truth that eating healthy does not need to mean a miserable existence subsisting on giant mason jars of kale puree.

Some of the particularly delicious healthier choices include a ‘Saigon Shrimp Ceviche’ by Dos Chinos in Irvine California, ‘Sockeye Salmon with Succotash’ by Skillet Street Food in Seattle Washington, ‘Mighty Masala Fish Burger’ by Bhangra Burger’ in London England, ‘Thai Pork Tacos’ from Camille’s on Wheels in Hawaii, and a ‘Late Summer Harvest Salad’ by the Purple Carrot in …… Lansang Michingan.

Tamara Junkin is a Toronto writer, observer, traveller and wine enthusiast. She is obsessed with food and animals and is currently trying to figure out life without the two being diabolically opposed. Tamara is equally passionate in her hatred for eggs and feta cheese as is she about her love for fresh Passionfruit and hot sauce. She fears no scovall unit and has twice turned purple as a result. Over the years her love of playing sports has rewarded her with a storage room drawer full of ‘participant’ medals. You can check out her sardonic blog about nothing in particular at