Nicholas Pearce wants to take you to Corisca with the wines of Domaine Alzipratu…

Domaine Alzipratu : The Wines of Corsica

Sitting in the foothills of the 2,000 metre high Monte Grosso, on the island of Corsica, lies 24 hectares of beautiful vineyards on land that once belonged to a 16th century convent. The estate, as we now know it, was created in the 1960s by Baron Henry Louis de La Grange, and was managed by Maurice Acquaviva before being taken over by his son Pierre and his wife Cécilia.

With Pierre’s guidance and dedication, Domaine Alzipratu has become a beacon for expressive and terroir driven Corsican wines of unparalled quality. His focus on cultivating indigenous varieties, respecting the environment and experimenting in the winery are all factors in creating wines of purity and finesse.

Explore the beauty of Corsica (and escape the snow!) through the wines of Domaine Alzipratu, where each sip of the glass transports you to the warm and sunny vineyards of this gorgeous Mediterranean island.


Domaine ‘Alzipratu Fuimeseccu Blanc 2019 – 12x750ml – $28.95

Domaine ‘Alzipratu Fuimeseccu Rouge 2019 – 12x750ml – $28.95

Domaine ‘Alzipratu Pumonte Rouge 2018 – 12x750ml – $39.95


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