Closson Chase Vineyards welcomes artist Peter Mennacher to the Gallery for the month of June with his show Art Meets Wine.

Opening Reception: June 1, 2014
Time: 1-4 PM

The show presents a collection of Peter’s (mostly) wine related prints, paintings and sculptures. Blizzmax Gallery will be hosting the opening event.

“I do original prints, drawings, paintings ( acrylic ), sculptures ( wood ) and once in a while an installation. Most of my work consists of etchings/aquatints, some linocuts, silkscreens and woodcuts.

My work is mainly figurative. The human being has always been at the center of my artistic interest. Forever fascinating – the metaphysical enigma of the human existence, “where do we come from, who are we, where are we going to” ( Gauguin ).

We are living in a world populated by human beings with all their needs, their desires, their troubles, their dreams, their nightmares, their ambitions, ….. sometimes there are many humans around us, sometimes few and sometimes we might be all alone physically and mentally.

The ideas for my work are often born in a split moment, they might be inspired by observing people, reading, dreaming, listening to music and of course looking at a lot of art.

In my former life as a lawyer I kept a sketchbook right next to my phone and would always do sketches when I was talking to clients. These old sketches are sort of controlled – uncontrolled and I still do this sketching technique today because it proves to be a great source of creative inspiration for me.

Being able to work artistically is very rewarding, art is sublime and gives the creator the absolute freedom of the articulation of his/her life experience and interpretation.

Creating art is for me an effort to justify the human existence.”

Peter Mennacher, Spring 2014

Peter is ‘artist in residence’ and co- owner (with wife Alice) of BLIZZMAX Gallery in South Bay, P.E.C .

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