by Jamie Drummond and Malcolm Jolley. Photos by John Gundy.

Co-owners and co-chefs Bertrand Alèpèe and Jason Inniss opened the doors of Amuse Bouche in 2005 at 96 Tecumseh Avenue. The little house turned bistro housed Toronto culinary history as the former site of Susur Lee’s Lotus, and the duo began turning out meals of discreet innovation, matched by Sarah Lyons’ carefully appointed wine list and attentive service. West Queen West fell in love with Amuse Bouche, and so did the critics. Alèpèe, Inniss and Lyons paired their forward thinking cuisine with a commitment to justice and compassion, becoming leaders in the Crosstown Kitchens collective in aid of The Stop Community Food Centre. The photos by John Gundy above caught the three amusistes serving a celebrated and much loved dinner to hospitality industry stars and press before the Terroir conference in March.

On May 31, Amuse Bouche completed its last dinner service. How and where the three principals will re-emerge in the culinary scene is uncertain, but they are already missed. Merci et au revoire.

Jamie Drummond and Malcolm Jolley edit Good Food Revolution. Find out more about John Gundy’s photography at