Malcolm Jolley talks to Aurelio Montes Jr. about what’s going on in Chile…

The morning I spoke to Aurelio Montes Jr. by Skype last week was the morning after the last grape had been picked off of the vineyards of his family’s Montes Wines. As you see in the video of our Zoom interview below he was relieved that the harvest had been completed despite the challenges of working in the COVID-19 crisis, but also concerned as the Chilean weather would turn cooler and wetter in winter. We talked about making wine during the crisis, the 2020 vintage as well as about the 2017 Montes Alpha Carmenère, which is still cycling through the LCBO Vintages program ($19.95 – LCBO# 143230).


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PS. One wine I wished I had asked him about, which is being released into Vintages on May 2, is the iconic Carmenère the 2017 Montes Purple Angel ($69.95 – LCBO# 62364). Click here for a description from Montes’ Ontario agent, Profile Wine Group.