A Good Food Fighter Event..

It is not often that a man-affirming evening is worthy of praise.

Many a man’s dollar has been squandered on cheap beer, hard liquor, and questionable decisions. Yet all is not lost, male clan!

We had a dream once. To affirm the right of man, while gaining said man praise and admiration amongst peers and suitors alike. The man’s man, we would give him the best of the manly best: cars, boats, golf, fine wine, steaks, live entertainment, oysters, motorcycles, music, bbq, wine and scotch tastings, auctions, and his deepest, darkest wish: hobnobbing with professional burlesque dancers as aerialists, who happen to be beauitful and disturbingly flexible, spin above him. Yeah, we went there.

What’s more we would aim to raise over $75,000 for Prostate Research at the Princess Margret Hospital. That’s right, this debaucherous evening would raise piles of money for a great cause. Our dream is now a tangible well-clad dude ushering in his third birthday party.

The details:

Boys’ Night Out

Audi Downtown Toronto

Thursday July 8th

7 pm to 10 pm

Tickets: $100Get tickets

Need convincing?

Check out last year’s event: