Hi everyone,

As most of you know, my boyfriend Roland was born in Haiti and still has family there. That is why I’ve decided to do something to try and help instead of doing nothing (as is often my inclination).

When natural disaster strikes it’s always horrifying and tragic.  But when it strikes a country like Haiti, where infrastructure and resources are ill equipped, it becomes that much more catastrophic.

So, I’ll do the only thing I know how to do…Organize a benefit party!

Here are the details:

The Black Hoof presents:

Help the Haitians

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Niagara Cafe Upstairs

8pm (come early if you want to taste the Hoof Crew’s take on Haitian food, Nick’s famous suckling pig and Roland’s spicy rice n’ beans)

Suggested Minimum Donation: $25

Gets you in the door for food and rum punch plus 3 drink tickets (red, white and draught)

Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming response to help.

Thanks particularly to:

Anton Potvin for generously providing the space and to all the crew at Niagara for all the help.

Colin, Mike, Brandon for the cooking (can’t wait).

Nick at Niagara for doing his suckling pig…..Haitian style.

My amazing staff for offering their time (hopefully shifts of 2 hours so everyone can enjoy the party) xo. You guys really are the best!

Mark at Profile, Stef at Lifford, Carolyn at Abcon, Ben at Liquid Art, Nicholas at Tannin, Alex at Thompson Vintage Trade, Lesley at Rogers and Co., Dave at Grape Expectations, Adam at Fielding, Charles at Stratus, Nick and John at Loyal She Began Wine    I really hope that’s everyone…if I forgot you, just remember, you’re doing it because it’s good, not for the kudo’s! Thank-you everyone for your generous donations of wine!!!

Rob at Beau’s Beer for providing a keg and something with which to dispense the beery goodness and also Mike Duggan for a keg.

Just called Afrim at Cheese Boutique.  Thank-you to the whole Pristine family for the cheese board.

Hope you can make it.  We’re going to do some good and have some fun!