by The Grange of Prince Edward, a ‘Certified Good Food Fighter’

January here at the grange has been #cabfrancmonth! Here are some highlights from our blog, twitter and facebook with tasting notes, recipes, food pairings, reviews and more!

This is our second vintage making a cabernet franc wine from our own vineyards; but already, what we are getting from these young vines is really exciting. In 2007 the vines were only four years old, and in ’08 at only five years old, the fruit is rich and dynamic- and most excitingly, unique. Our new vintage of cabernet franc was released in the fall and since then we have tasted it in a lot of different contexts, and here is the our best of!

Introducing the 2008 Trumpour’s MillCab Franc!

Cab Franc is our Favorite Pairing with Cheese and Charcuterie-

Cab Franc Pairings and Recipes-

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