Rundles Cooking Classes are a “Certified Good Food Fighter

Rundles Restaurant is located in the heart of picturesque Stratford, Ontario and offers a unique culinary experience for those interested in a true “hands on” cooking experience.  The classes are led by one of the country’s most celebrated chefs, Chef Neil Baxter.  The classes are inspirational and informative mixed with just the right blend of humor. Chef Baxter believes that you must get your hands dirty to get the most out of the classes.

Here we present some superb pictures from Rundles Charcuterie classes which show just how intense and hands on Chef Baxter’s classes can be. Chef Baxter tells us “We used Willowgrove pork from Mitchell. It was killed on Thursday so it was amazingly fresh for Saturdays charcuterie production”

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Boning out a pork loin for Lonzo and shoulder for Salumi meat.

Removing capicollo from pork shoulder for making Coppa

Pork leg with capicollo removed

Cleaning pork loin for Lonzo. Some fat cap is left on. If fat is removed it is referred to as Lomo.

A pork leg being leaned (separating meat fat and sinew)

Pork leg showing the aitchbone

Hand-cutting pork fat for Chorizo and Soppressata

Lunchtime! Sous Chef Mike Booth presents fresh Hotdogs with Kimchi Coleslaw

Hand-tying Soppressata Salumi

Genoa Salumi just stuffed into big bung beef natural casings ready to be tied

Stuffing Basque Salumi with a vertical stuffer

Genoa, Basque, Soppressata, Chorizo, and Hunter's Loop before fermentation

Genoa, Basque, Soppressata, Chorizo, and Hunter's Loop after fermentation.