by Jamie Drummond, photos by Diana Pageat-Dellio and Ginger Hucknall.
A few nights ago Charlie threw a dinner party with Chefs Matt Binkley and Jeff Stewart… and the menu was all insect-based…

Stink Bugs

The table

Preserved Scorpions

Plating the Queen Ant Salad

Queen Ant Salad

Chef Stuart brings out one of his scorpions

Locust Caramels

Gummi Worms and "Earth"

The Kiutchen Crew

A special treat... Ginger-dusted Beetle

Ancient Scorpion Soup

The Charlie "Bugger"

Enjoying the bugs

Worms before the dish...

Four Worm Risotto

Rhinoceros Beetlejuice Sorbetto

Vertical Tasting of Mimolette with Armenian Black Walnutes and Pear Butter