Fifth Town Cheese is a Certified Good Food Fighter

I have always felt chocolate and cheese are soul mates. In my view, marrying these two, time honoured flavours yeild an incredible taste experience!  And if you don’t believe me, I would encourage you to try the yummy Choco-Sol hot tortilla filled with melted Fifth Town Lighthall Tomme and raw, dark, Mexican chocolate as the filling!  It is so, so delicious.

And so it is with good experiences.  You tend to look for others just like it.  And the pursuit of other chocolate and cheese combos led us to talking with The Copper Kettle, a local, fine chocolate maker here in Picton. On a whim, we asked  the Copper Kettle to create a new chocolate truffle where the ganache is actually made from Fifth Town’s Plain Jane Bagel Chevre!  So after a few trys and tweaks, we think we got it right! We started production last week and have sold most of our first batch!  The mouthfeel of the centre is creamy and rich.  The taste? Dark chocolate with a bit of goat chevre tang!

Currently we have milk and dark chocolate truffle varieties.   If you would like to give them a try, visit the FT store, Copper Kettle on Main Street in Picton, or Cooke’s Fine Foods also in Picton!  They come in boxes of two, four and six.  And when you do, send us a note! We would love your feedback!