Welcome to our inaugural Dean’s List from The Perigon Beverage Group

Hello Friends,

With the August long weekend behind us, we are entering the last stretch of summer before Labour Day arrives.  I’m going to try and use the month of August to fit in some get-togethers that haven’t happened yet this summer.  One of my favourite ways to entertain while I cook is to gather around my outdoor wood oven and that typically involves baking pizza.  Everyone loves pizza, and it becomes an interactive event as each person can dress their pizza the way they like.  For these gatherings, I reach for a wine which is versatile, has broad-appeal and good for any night of the week.
So, this mixed case offer, Sojourn to Portugal, fits my upcoming gatherings to a T.  Easy drinking, not complicated or thought provoking, just pleasurable and quaffable… not to mention easy on the pocket book! 

Find Out More

Find Out More

We are also celebrating our new name this week.  You may have received the email announcing we have renamed the agency and are now called Perigon Beverage Group.  To mark this occasion take a quick leap to Italy and celebrate with us with the delicious La Delizia Prosecco.  We are offering the $2 off per bottle for a limited time.  Great prosecco at a great price… let’s celebrate that as well!!

Regular Price: $20.99/Bottle, Case of 6
Perigon Beverages Celebration Price: $18.99/Bottle, Case of 6
 $100.86 + S/H + HST + BD Total $126.46

Stay safe and stay thirsty, cheers