Nicholas Pearce presents a private order from the mountains of the French Savoy…

Like something out of a fairytale, Savoie is picture perfect. Snow-capped peaks, green rollings hills, wildflowers and sparkling mountain streams dominate this incredible landscape that stretches along the western Alps. The Massif des Bauges, eroded over millions of years, yields majestic peaks of limestone that lend character and minerality to the vineyards that blanket the slopes. If you have yet to discover the magic of the wines of Savoie, then please, let us introduce you…

The Bertholliers come from a long wine-making tradition; growers, owners and winemakers for several generations dating back to 1850. Today, brothers Denis and Didier own several parcels on the southernmost and steepest parts of the Savoie hills whose abrupt slopes, too difficult to work on, had been abandoned by their forefathers at the beginning of the 20th century. But this is the terrain where their grapes thrive. For more than 10 years they have used sustainable vineyard practices including eliminating the use of pesticides on all their vines, enabling grass to grow in the rocky slope vineyards. They only use naturally occurring, indigenous yeasts and very minimal SO2. Their wines have a pureness and finesse and are among the best of the Savoie region.

The Denis et Didier Berthollier wines from Savoie, France will be arriving in May.


This is a Winery-direct offer. Place your order before January 29th and receive your case of wine in 10 weeks. To reserve your case of wine you only need to pay a $50 deposit today, the balance will be invoiced on arrival.


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