by Jo Dickins

An amuse bouche of smoked wild sockeye salmon & radish and onion salad, on a potato chip followed by red fife sourdough with two dips and a charcuterie plate. Then, various Beets Salad with sheep’s milk feta and honey mustard vinaigrette, which introduced whitefish à la meuniere, ending with braised beef brisket with ravigote. All washed down with Ontario Reislings, Chardonnays, Pinot Noirs and St. Laurents. Finally, for dessert, a sweet “white” Pinot Noir from The County. This is what Winemakers Randall Grahm, Charles Baker, Norman Hardie, Geoff Heinricks and Tom Pennachetti ate with Restaurateur Trevor Gulliver and Chef Fergus Henderson (and a few hangers-on from the Terroir Symposium group, such as yours truly) as guest of Chef Jamie Kennedy at Gilead Bistro, March 1. Jo Dickins and her camera were there to capture it in the photos below. – Malcolm Jolley

Jamie Kennedy adds the final element to the colourful amuse.

Some serious Prince Edward County wine-making brain trust (Keint-He’s Geoff Heinricks and Norm Hardie) sit beneath the Gilead jar wall with Malcolm Jolley and Fergus Henderson.

A Gilead charcuterie platter showcases the work of Boris Coquerel. (

Boony Doon Vineyard’s fearless leader Randall Grahm makes a point. (Coolest winery website ever?

Jamie helped serve and took the opportunity to get in a few moments with the special guests.

Whitefish a la Menuiere was served after some shared platters of Various Beets Salad with Sheep’s Milk Feta cheese and Honey Mustard Vinaigrette. A quintessential JK dish, it’s simple and elegant, has sophisticated but utterly comforting flavour and texture, features a local fish in a beautiful classic french preparation, with tons of love and care behind it from Jamie’s kitchen right back to the growers and fishers. (Yes you could say I’m biased but really, this is pretty accurate).

Production Chef and longtime collaborator with Jamie Kennedy, Ken Steele takes the evening in stride. This is the face of the inspiration for the soon to be classic summer extravaganza “Kenapolooza”.

If you just look real quick, it looks like Jamie Drummond has his hand on Fergus Henderson’s knee, and he is not amused.

Braised Beef Brisket with ravigote for 12.

JKK cook Gi looks on as his mentor looks for clues from the universe in a dish before it goes to the dining room.

St. John’s Trevor Gulliver and Randall Grahm stretch their legs and are joined by Chef Kennedy to enjoy a taste of a Pinot Sauvage by Keint-He.

The end of a memorable evening at Gilead Cafe + Bistro.

Jo Dickins is a Toronto photographer who covers the local food moment community for Good Food Revolution. She also has a day job working with Jamie Kennedy and with whom she is working on a book project and other exciting culinary ventures. Photo: John Gundy.