Tenuta Olim Bauda—owned and operated by the three Bertolino siblings, Diana, Dino and Gianni—comprises 33 hectares of vineyards throughout the five villages of Nizza Monferrato, Castelnuovo, Calcea, Fontanile and Isola d’Astigiano. Quality-obsessed winemaker, Dino, firmly believes that great wine is grown in the vineyard, and the winemaker’s role is to steward the process as simply and minimally as possible. Oak is used judiciously, allowing the terroir and fruit character to be showcased above all else. Olim Bauda’s wines offer an interesting juxtaposition: at once powerful, intense and full with elegance, refinement and balance. They are age-worthy, food-friendly and absolutely delicious.

Buyers+Cellars is extremely proud to be working with Tenuta Olim Bauda, one of Piemonte’s most respected and successful wine producers. And we are excited to present to you the Tenuta Collection:

Tenuta Collection

Moscato d’Asti ‘Centive’


A delightful and perfectly balanced Moscato. Soft, fruity and semi-sweet, this is lightly spritzed and perfect for before or after a meal. A ripe tropical fruit melange abounds, braced beautifully by bright acids and a crisp, clean finish.


Barbera d’Asti ‘La Villa’


Located in the commune of Nizza Monferrato, the Olim Bauda vineyard site is one of the warmest in Asti, allowing Barbera to fully ripen and show its vast potential. This is full, flavourful and modern, with lots of ripe, dark fruits alongside clove, anise and floral notes. It has more tannic grip than most in the category and Olim Bauda always does a terrific job of balancing the grapes high natural acidity with impressive depth and weight. A delicious example of what Barbera is capable of when in the right hands.



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