Mission Hill’s Head Winemaker Corrie Krehbiel walks us through the newly released 2021 Rosé Reserve.


Anyone even passingly familiar with my perennial drinking habits understands that I’ve always been rather partial to a well-crafted rosé, and so I was most eager to taste the 2021 Mission Hill Family Estate Rosé Reserve.

Many years ago, when I was working as wine columnist for Chatelaine magazine, I often recommended Mission Hill wines, and not only because they were some of the only BC wines with decent Ontario distribution; ever since I had been introduced to them by the great Peter Bodnar Rod in the early aughties, I had consistently found them to be remarkably solid (not to mention extremely polished) wines, all across the board.

In today’s video I sit down with winemaker Corrie Krehbiel for a discussion about this excellent release, only available directly from the winery, here.

It’s a bottling that’s certainly worth picking up if you are looking for a Canadian rosé with just a touch of the Provençal, but as Corrie warns in our interview, it sells out every year, so I’d advise that you don’t dilly dally.


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